Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gift ideas for your four-legged friends

Our pets are part of our families, too, and it wouldn’t be fair to exclude them from the excitement of opening gifts on Christmas morning. If you are still searching for just the right gift, here are a few gift ideas to brighten the holidays for your pets (with a little help from adoptable pets at the Escondido Humane Society):

Personalized ID tags: This gift idea is our favorite because it is not only fashionable, it also will help your pet find his way home if he gets lost. ID tags are available in cute shapes and fun colors, so you can personalize them to your taste. Be sure to add all relevant information, including your pet’s name and your name, address and cell phone number. Another great gift idea is to microchip your pet. Microchipping provides an extra level of protection and peace of mind and will ensure a speedy reunion if your pet is lost.

Zoom Groom Brush: Our adoptable cats love the Zoom Groom Brush and personally endorse this gift idea. The Zoom Groom’s flexible bristles will give your cat a massage while picking up loose hair. Regular grooming reduces hairballs and stimulates skin for a healthy coat

Da Bird Cat Toys: This is another favorite among our adoptable cats. Even those felines who usually don’t show interest in playing go nuts over the Da Bird feather and mouse toys. Laser toys and fuzzy mice toys are also popular with our adoptable cats, so your feline friends might enjoy them as well.

LED lighted collar or leash: As soon as the time changes in the fall, it can be dangerous for you and your pooch to go out for evening walks. LED lighted collars and leashes ensure that drivers and pedestrians can spot you coming, making daily walks safer for all parties involved.  

Cold weather wear: OK, so it doesn’t exactly get frigid here in San Diego County, but short-haired breeds can get chilled and might appreciate a coat or sweater for the holidays.

Pet pedometer:What better way to burn off all of those extra holiday calories than working out with your pet? Just like a pedometer we would wear, this fun gadget counts steps, calculates distance and tracks calories.

Cottontail Cottage: This one is for all the bunny pet parents out there! Our adoptable bunnies love their daily run time, which often includes jumping and playing in their Cottontail Cottages. Bunnies also love toys, which would be a great gift option. Here is a good online resource for picking out an appropriate toy:

A few additional ideas include new toys ( if your pooch destroys stuffed toys in seconds flat try a Kong); a bag of your pet’s favorite treats; or a new cat scratcher for your feline.


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